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I'm shaking in my snowboots...   
09:40pm 19/01/2006
mood: elated
with anticipation that is!!!


aaaaaand i _may_ be going boarding this weekend.

hurrah to me!


.... and hilarity ensued.   
06:05pm 18/01/2006
mood: drained
To start:
1 - where the f*ck is all the snow?
2 - School finals
3 - Merry Christmas
4 - spawn of Satan in the form of a US customs agent
5 - again with the snow - WTF?
6 - Happy New Year!!
7 - More school
8 - Happy birthday to me!

Ok so to answer the fist question (the snow one) - God hates me. He does. It's true. We've had a conversation. There is no other logical explanation for it being JANUARY and my being able to see grass. NO EXPLANATION! All i can say is that i'm glad i wasn't here for a brown/green christmas. It's weird enough being in another country with no snow (at least that's the normal weather for them) but to be back in Canada and have a christmas that's not white. Unfathomable.

So where was i for christmas?? WELL, after finals (which i rawked) i hoped on an aeroplane with the famdamly and jetted my way to Hawaii!! Hurrah!
It was pretty much awesome.
I was only there for a week but we got to stay with friends at their coffee plantation for christmas and on cassidy's b-day we met up with some 'locals' who work at the plantation and they took us on a tour of some beaches and such. We traveled almost 1/3 of the island in one day. There are some beautiful beaches and really cool lava tubes(i will work on getting some pics up)

As i said i was only there a week because of school but everyone else stayed for two. The ride home was ok, minus the Satan spawn. The highlight was when i didn't miss my flight. that was good.

New years came and went and still no snow (what is up with the sky, mind boggling)

Schools back on and its going well, work is awesome (we have the coolest cases) and there are no tests until February so i'm reveling in not studying!

just thought I'd let you know - Madison

ps - guess who's 19 now.....ME!


K-A-S-H-M-I-R starts with a K, ends with a R (NOT a C!)   
05:09pm 22/11/2005
mood: chipper
Jamie...Kashmir is spelled with a K. See above.

I hurt all over. My entire left side has rebelled against the right and is waging a painfull war against my head. Ouch. My throat has turned into sand paper (the extra raspy kind) and my lungs fail to function properly on occasion. But it was worth it.
I only got 64% on my Anatomy test...ouch to that too. But i had that one coming, with the lack of studying and all.

Snowboarding was great, i really like Sunshine, but Silverstar is still tops. There was 3 to a bed, late night BP's, early morning gondolas, the BC border, failure to successfully jump anything larger than a small snowball, and my awesome driving abilities.In all it was a good weekend, including mikes impeccably timed comment toward the cops sitting across from us. The guys are all really good snowboarders/skiers and extremely intimidating. And it would have been better if the park was open but I would do it again in an instant. Graham has some pretty good pictures and i haven't developed mine yet but i hope they turn out.

That was my weekend, thanks for tuning in
- Madison

PS: Jamie the lyrics to the chorus of The Suffering go as such:

Hey, Hey!
If it was up to me
I would've figured you out
Way before the year clocked out
Oh, I hope you're waiting
Oh, I hope you're waiting

Now listen well... will you marry me?
Not now, Boy
Are you well in the Suffering?
You've been the most gracious of hosts
You may be invited, girl, but you're not coming in

There is no, NO, mention of a "fat girl" in the song. Just thought i'd clarify that for you. ;)

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Inspiring, Truly Inspiring....   
06:28pm 05/11/2005
mood: odd
Hey all.
I totally and thoroughly kicked the ass of those midterms i was whining about in my last entry. It was spectacular. fucken beautiful.
Besides my test scores school is great. i love it.
Elle (my AHT teacher in clinics) gave Brett (my clinics partner) red stars on monday because we both hit the vein and got blood. the star i sparkly - i put it on my name tag.
The hot RT (Short little hot man, as he is otherwise known) talked to me on wednesday. actually he talked to billa (she came to school with me) but still - he talked to me (damn he's hot). I also have a crush on the paramedics. all of them. ALL! they have uniforms and they walk around with the top half of fake bodies and stretchers and we shared a table and made fun of the smurfs (smurfs are what we call the RT's - because of the colour of scrubs they all wear)We have decided to rant about them in the grapevine. The grapevine is awesome. it is the only part of the nugget - the school newspaper worth reading but man is it worth reading. ill bring a copy home and put some of the examples on here for you all.
My car still has a dent in it but my dad came home and told me the most delightful story of a boy we know who bought a hummer. He is about my age and works in Fort Mac. Apparently he wanted to buy a truck and his dad was going to lend him some money but then the boy decided it would be more cost effective to buy a hummer(?wtf?). so when his dad didn't lend him the money he borrowed it from his grandma. then the hummer exploded! well not really. but it did burn down...less than 2 days after he bought it. no one was hurt which makes that the best story i have heard in a long time. it burst into flames!! is it normal to be this excited about something like that?

- madison

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Hello everyone   
06:54pm 24/10/2005
mood: Studying
Firstly I'd like to apologies to Vance for the hasty accusation of betrayal regarding a "list." Secondly I would like to post aforementioned "list"

THE RULES: List five songs that you are currently loving. It doesn't matter what genre they are from, whether they have words, or even if they're any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying right now.

Post these instructions, the artists, and the songs in your blog. Then tag five other friends to see what they're listening to.

1. Melting Point of Wax - Thrice
2. Duke of Earl - New Edition
3. Sugar We're Going Down - Fall Out Boy
4. Not Broken - Hurst
5. Champaign Supernova - Ben Folds Five

BUT: I don't know that many people on live journal and the people I do know have already been tagged...some more than once. So I'll send this one out to whoever feels the need to list more songs, or has changed their minds about some of their previous choices.

Thirdly I'm going to try to up date you on all of the (recent) goings on in my life.
On friday someone hit my car. Yup, just drove down the road directly into it. To top that off he drove away and I watched most of this from the widow WITHOUT writing down the make/colour/licenceplate or any detail about the car. I know it was dark and that it now has a dent/scratch on its right front bumper. And I know that it was a car with an ass hole who can't drive, driving it. It's a long story but the cops came and I gave a statement and felt like a fool for basically watching someone drive into a parked car (MY parked car) and doing nothing about it. I'm a little upset about not getting tickets to Thrice. Actually I'm extremely upset and angry and on occasion I feel like crying but the only person I have to blame is myself so it's sort of not worth it. I'm also stressed because of midterms (of which I have 5 in 4 days - does anyone have a loaded semiautomatic they would like to lend me? That would be great, I'm sure the police will give it back eventually)

SOOOO thats about it OH! wait, we took blood at school today - I suck - but the other girl I was with hit the vein first try, then she panicked (not so good) but at least she hit the vein, unlike me (STRESSSSSSS!!)
And my dog is allergic to something.

- Madison

PS. if you want to list a song that you absolutely can not stand and would rather go deaf than have to hear it ever again you can. Mine would be "My Humps" - BEP
PPS. no offense to deaf people


Christian Rock Bash?? actualy not that bad   
10:50am 12/09/2005
mood: off my f*cking rocker
so i went to harvest moon, expecting "the worst", getting a "pretty damn impressive". Now i think there is one thing we can all agree on...I have no taste in music, or clothes for that matter. but back to the music, i really don't, i hear something i like and i listen too it. NO TASTE.
BUT we were at the park and this band gets on stage and i'm like "ooohh that guy's hair is hot" (and all of my friends look at me as tho i'm some sort of not christian superficial freak) and then he starts to sing. This band was amazing. great. and so much fun. they started out kind of warbley but after every song they would have this jam session, its like the song was supposed to end 5 minutes ago but their still playing and they are so into it and then you can't help yourself and the crowd gets all into it and your jumping and dancing and don't care if the music has been going on for 20 minutes with no words or songs. it was great. I'm tempted to buy the cd but i don't think they can bottle that kind of music. It's gotta be live (Oh and i met the lead singer with the hot hair. it was even better up close)
the weekend was great it mostly consisted of the above plus some bruising in the mosh pit and being yelled at by security (apparently your not allowed to crowd surf - who knew?) kaehler, jenice, ryan, forrest, jen, and luke came down (love) and i did no homework whatsoever

- my grandparents are here - they make everything right. i went to MAMA MIA with my sister, mom and grandma.

- it turned out to be a very musical weekend.

this post is kind of random but thats ok i have all sorts of songs running through my head and i feel really random. nothing makes much sense (except for anatomic pathophysiology - i just had a test (FAIL!) and only after i left the room did everything come together and make sense, Greeeeaaaaattttt)
the only think keeping me from bouncing off the walls is that this is a 'quiet' public 'work place' for students, and the walls are concrete. that could hurt.

i miss you all. especially those of you in a different provence - one that is much warmer and better and wester and oceaner and just plain greater than all things alberta. bc.

ok. i'm gonna go now - LOVE!!!

- Madison


12:06am 26/08/2005
mood: tired
Hey, so our computer crapped out on us. But we got a new tower thing...it can burn stuff. Of course I'm officialy not allowed to touch it or go within a 5 meter radius of it. Im probably unwittingly downloading millions of viruses and bugs as we speak.....type/read. But oh well, I get to commune with all of you, and that is SO worth it. yeah.

- till next time
- Madison

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There's no turning back now....   
11:48pm 28/06/2005
mood: pissed off at all of you : )
Before you reply with your name just remember that you brought this upon yourself and I cannot be held responsible for the mayhem that WILL ensue.

o1. Reply with your name and I will write something about you.
o2. I will then tell what song(s) reminds me of you.
o3. If I were to apply an o'clock to you, it would be...
o4. I will try to name a single word that best describes you.
o5. I'll tell you the most memorable moment I've had with you.
o6. I will tell you what animal you remind me of.
o7. I'll then tell you something that I've always wondered about you.
o8. Put this in your journal.

OK, it is done. There is no turning back, we've gone to far.

- Madison

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Once in a blue moon   
07:12pm 15/06/2005
mood: contemplative
Filling your arch-enemy's swimming pool with Gremlins isn't easy. They keep escaping and trying to shove you in a microwave.

Hello. So far today has been OK, I mean yes I slept in and was almost late for work and yes the Hot Water Tank is broken and we had to shut off the water until my dad and my neighbor can fix the leak (the thing is I'm sitting near the soggy spot in the ceiling and I hear no clink and clank of pipes being fixed which means there is still no running water, actually I don't even know where my father is. All I know is that he is not currently fixing the water problem!) but ON THE OTHER HAND I found 40 cents by the computer so thats good.

I discovered that late night talks in the pouring rain are good and insightful and quite pretty but they don't really solve any of my problems. Of course non of my problems are that big and important anyway but it would be nice if they were solved...or even solvable.

so I think thats about it, not much but it will have to do for now.

- Madison

p.s. sorry its been so long since the last time I talked to you, I miss you all!!

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Cheers to the longest summer I've ever had   
08:41pm 01/05/2005
mood: lethargic
So there was a party last night, thanx to the Chris Newman we had a high school type house party. I even think I heard a sing along to Dashboard. It was good, a not-to-bad kick off to what better be one hell of a summer. Cross your fingers.

My goal of the summer is to not do nothing, as in not sit on my ass in the air conditioned basement eating icecream and popsicles. I will walk the dog and perhaps even rollerblade with friends, good times in the St.Albert trails. That is my goal for summer !Motivation!
Of course it looks like i have a couple weeks to wait for the real summer weather but when the sun shines, you better watch out!

- so goodnight

Oh and a special thank you to Jamie and the Wizinstar (it was the winstar right) for saving my sorry lost ass from wandering home and having a crappy night in bed. *love*

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10:18pm 13/04/2005
mood: happy
Hello, i just wanted to extended a thank you to Yazmine, Allyson, Kyle, Mitch, Jamie, Graham, Fluffy, Reanne, my mom, Jenice, Amy and my teacher Linda. an odd group of people, most of whom don't know the others but they all need my thanks.
First of all to the greatest of the greats, jasmine who is the Goddess of everything suave, especially hair. She cut and coloured my tresses into a rockstar quality purple/black and for that i love her. Then to Allyson for dragging me out to the Brew House and to her boy for having beautiful friends. Of course thanx to said friend for being beautiful and pretty and oh so hot. And that was only Friday.
Saturday mostly consisted of sleeping and packing for SUNDAY!
at 4:00am Jamie arrived and we headed off to Jasper for a last minute snowboarding adventure at Marmot. So the shout out to Jamie is for the ski trip but more importantly the revelations and conversations that occurred between the hours of 4:15am and the arrival upon the hill (ps i hope your ankle feels better...try not to kill yourself next time). Reanne, Fluffy, and Graham you all rawk at your respective mountain transportation things. (skiing or snowboarding) and i was honored that you asked me to accompany you.
A huge thanks to my teacher for the last minute organization of some very cute field trips. Today i got to have my fingers sucked by a little calf (it sounds odd but i highly recommend getting your fingers sucked by a four day old calf, i fell in love and damned if you don't too.) From the calves we moved on to the cows, we were at the U of A dairy farm which is a research facility so we got to see some pretty cool things. One of my favorites was the fistula in the cows side. What is a fistula?? its a hole cut into the side of the cow from which you can access the stomach. ok so now you know what a fistula is guess what i got to do with it?!?! STICK MY HAND INSIDE! who else can say they have ever stuck their hand inside a cows stomach. You can actually watch them ruminate their food. it was amazing, and the cow could care less that your hand is inside of it. So today was great.
The last thank you is to Jenice and Amy for being great friends and working things out around my schedule just because they want things to work for me even if it is a little less convenient for them. Then thank you to my mom for realizing how important seemingly trivial things can be and for caring not because she has to but because she wants to.

I love you all.

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10:13pm 04/04/2005
mood: headachey
see that stuff up there? thats what i get to remember for tomorrow, good times at the kitchen table. so this week is basically going to consist of me studying for five (5) finals. yee haw!

but enough about this week...how bout the weekend!! aside from the longest most insane day at work ever and the accidental ditching of a friend on an important day it was good. actually it was just the one part of the one night but that made up for most everything else.

New City was good, Peter Elkas was great and Joel Plasket was better! he rawked my socks off, and maybe with a few shots my shirt. maybe.
Because a person whom i am acquainted with has talent we got to talk with Mr.Plasket himself. I was fine with his minor celebrity status until the moment i asked him to sign my shirt. sometimes i want to shoot myself. so i sort of melted into a puddle of goo and mumbled, Mr. Plasket sir...would you sign this. Doug sort of looked at me in this "your pathetic, he is a normal person, don't be such a looser" sort of way and i got my signature. *love*
But what do you call someone like that, obviously not Joel, i am mearly a common fan, and he is...well, he's Joel Plasket, and Mr.Plasket sounds odd. and Plasket is probably what good friends call him. its so confusing. again with the "i'd like to shoot myself sometimes"

thats all - thanx to everyone who made my weekend, and to Graham who skis!

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Less than Succesful   
09:27am 24/03/2005
mood: Bland
Well, if it was spring, or if it at least looked like spring. And if it was happy, or at least tried to be happy....
but otherwise a HAPPY SPRING BREAK to you all. OK so it's not good or happy or spring yet, but damned if we can't try!!!. Wait, i don't actually have a break (that sucks) but i DO have a house to myself (which is awesome in more ways than three), which also means i can't get in trouble for not being up to my moms standards in everything which makes this a very happy spring break indeed. Except for the part where i don't go to Petty Coat Junction. damn. Well maybe we can make up for the lack of snowboarding with some good times. i say yes. all else in favor?

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There once was a girl....   
08:31pm 21/03/2005
mood: i don't really know...
"In his arms he swears she'll be"

OK so I may not have the lyrics down totally (or the spelling...Jamie) but I love that song, for the moment. Do you ever have "moment" songs? You hear a song and that is the song that describes you at that moment? ok, good, well this song so does not do that for me, but I wish it did.
You get that too right, the "I wish someone thought that about me" song or the "I wish I was that person" song or the "I wish I felt like that" song....etc. Come to think of it, it sounds pretty selfish, because it is. I think. SOOO I guess I'm just being selfish and full of self pity because I'm not the person in the songs.


- Madison

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We Three Kings Be Stealin' The Gold!!!   
08:09pm 28/02/2005
mood: GLEE!!
89% on midterm + Kick Ass Five Iron Frenzy CD + boy + Three Kings DVD + paycheck x 3 = My life steals the show!!

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the sort of extended version week   
10:58am 27/02/2005
mood: confused
so how was reading break..knowing you guys you all got lots of studying done and are going to ace your tests right?
sure and pigs will fly, i swear it to you they will.

ok so ill let you know how the weekend/week/weekend went/is going for me:

on friday i discovered that falling snow is hypnotizing, you just turn the headlights up real bright and stare into the direction that the snow is coming from. it's beautiful but deadly and don't worry there were no crash and burns and im still alive and kicken (hurrah!). at grandmas we spent most of our days snowmobiling around the cabin and almost running into moose camoflagued as tree stumps. Emilio thinks he is better than he is at most thing but don't we all (hes actually not half bad but has no bloody idea what a damn moose looks like, damn boy). on monday (i think it was monday) i met up with friends from sexsmith, yes sexsmith. Kaehler, Jenice, Forest, Haylee, Ryan *crush*, Luke and i took over town and i exhibited true talent, skill, and grace on the curling rink. none of you will ever know how deadly those slider things are and how extremely difficult it is to stand let alone heave a 5 ton rock down to the other end and balance on one slider and half a foot. seriously curling is a contact sport (with the ice) and if you want to have someone killed in a convenient and unsuspecting way, sent them curling. as i said, it's deadly.
on tuesday or wednesday or maybe both i learned how to "catwalk" a skidoo with josh (almost as deadly as curling but much much much more fun...and i would do it again in an instant). also my car died <-- so definetly not the highlight of my week. ANNNND I went riding!! woot woot (horse riding) it was awesome and my ass is killing me.
Ryan and I had a "day" on thursday we basically did nothing but it was great. everyone was doing stuff and we did nothing and had more fun than them (and don't go thinking dirty on me now, there was no money involved (alyson & heather) he's not that kind of boy.)
there was many a hot tub and horse ride and pond skate and *crushes* and skidooing. PLUS...Jenice's dad fixed my car so i will be in his debt forever and a day.

i hope your reading week good and full of studying.
- Loves!

~ "Happiness is just three hours away!!"


I refuse to give in to the week, for the weekend is upon us!!   
02:27pm 11/02/2005
mood: contemplative
damn the week...the monday to friday hell that we all go through. Fortunately for us the weekend is almost here and hopefully my fortunes will turn for the better.

MAYBE the exorcist will answer my call and he will help me expel the demon that has inhabited the inner recess of the cars' engine since monday. maybe with the demon gone the car will drive in a forward non stalling action and maybe if the car drives in the aforementioned forward non stalling action my mother will allow me to visit much missed and never seen friends. maybe.

MAYBE I will keep the strange feeling that is motivation and use it to my advantage. I will grace the local pool with my presence and amaze them all with my swimming prowess...ya and maybe in four more years someone from inner africa will win the gold medal in hockey. or even better maybe hockey will come back, maybe all those cute "heart felt" commercials will have an impact and everyone will get off the damn high horse and play for the game we all love. maybe I'm dreaming.

MAYBE I will have a weekend where I'm not obligated to get up at 6 and work forever and ever. maybe I'm lucky and I don't really need the money. Maybe I should stop complaining...but then why would I want to do that?

- Madison

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08:24pm 28/01/2005
mood: accomplished
so guess what?! I GOT ACCEPTED! "woot woot" and another "woot" for good luck.
so im going into the AHT course next year. im so exited, ive never been exited about school before! wow im such a loser! i love it!
ok that was lots of exclamation marks...im good, and calm, and not at all insane. nope not one tiny little bit.

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07:15pm 28/01/2005
mood: um?
The world will spin and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it.

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She'll be comeing round the mountians when she comes.....   
12:34pm 10/01/2005
mood: ecstatic
so guess what?!?! IM 18!!
it was a truly awe inspiring birthday weekend. We went to the mountians. BANFF AT THAT!!!. heres the itinerary in short...or as short as i could make it

January 7th:
- pack
- buy food and candy and "essentials"
- wait for jamie
- drive to Calgary whilst counting car accidents and listneing to surprisingly good music
- get lost in Calgary
- get out of Calgary after hours of going in circles
- discover that Calgary has a rather tastful aray of music, 100 points to Calgary!!!
- still hate Calgary, mutter about trafic and roads, 50000000 points taken away from Calgary!
- arive in Banff
- still not able to buy much needed alcohol
- unpack in hotel room
- fall "asleep" arould 4 am which makes it......

January 8th:
- miss wake up call from Fluffy
- wake up
- remind everyone that it is one day untill my birthday
- to Lake Louise!
- discover lack of snowboarding skills as i fall down the mountian repeted times
- try and remeber what i ever liked about snowboarding
- to the hotel
- more alcohol and ... stuff
- break random fans
- patch fan up with avaliable "adhesive"
- realise that said "adhesive" is icing
- look with dispare at the small house the icing was SUPPOSED to be holding together
- realise that it is now....

January 9th:
- remind everyone that i am now legal in all parts of Alberta
- sleep
- wake up
- eat altoids
- discover that icing realy does hold fans together
- leap for joy
- to another hill with an N at the begining and a q in there somewhere
- almost die on the way up the mountian
- snowboarding with everyone!!
- damn cold out
- refuse to give in to the cold
- laugh as a certain James gets ravaged buy an attractive fence
- almost die numorous times wile on hills
- kick mogules ass!
- they in turn kick mine
- back home (boo!)
- crazy driving by a Sidekick owner almost lands us in the ditch many a time plus some
- discover that Edmonton sucks at radios and knowledge of what is music
- find glorious gifts from my parents (LOVE!!!)
- sleep

- the end